The choice of flies for both trout and salmon is a much debated issue throughout the fishing world.
For many experienced anglers that choice will only be made when the water conditions are seen,
observed fly life is identified and experience is brought to bear on the bank of the river.
However for those less experienced anglers or those who want to travel light the following list of traditional flies and variations will catch fish on the Agivey.

Trout Flies (March - May)
greenwells-gloryGreenwell Dry & Wet
hares-earHares Ear Wet
march-brownMarch Brown Wet
dark-oliveDark & Light Olives Wet & Dry
blue-dun-dryBlue Dun Dry & Wet
Salmon Flies (May - June)
red-shrimpRed Shrimp
wilkinson-shrimpWilkinson Shrimp
bann-specialBann Special
gary-dogGary Dog
Trout Flies (June - August)
wickhams-fancy-wetWickhams Fancy Wet
black-gnatBlack Gnat Dry
black-silverBlack & Silver Wet
iron-blue-dryIron Blue Dry
blue-dunBlue Dun Dry
sedgeSedges Dry & Wet
red-spinnerRed Spinner Wet
blue-winged-oliveBlue Winged Olive Dun
Salmon Flies (July - August/Sept)
stoats-tailStoats Tail
wilkinson-shrimpWilkinson Shrimp
red-shrimpRed Shrimp
jock-scottJock Scott
yellow-shrimpYellow Shrimp
gold-shrimpGold Shrimp
Trout Flies (September - October)
silver-invictaSilver Invicta Wet
wickhams-fancy-wetWickhams Fancy Wet
butcherButchers Wet
black-pennellBlack Pennel Wet
maollard-claretMallard & Claret Wet
Salmon Flies (Sept - October)
mettican-bugMettican Bug
gpGeneral Practicioner
wye-bugAgivey Wye Bug