The map below covers the Big Agivey (dark blue) and the Wee Agivey (light blue) over the fishable length of both rivers.
The map uses a reference list for Roads, Bridges and well known Pools. The roads in the area are well signposted with road names at every junction.
The bridges all have name signs attached so are useful reference points for visiting anglers.
A list of some of the best known pools is attached and linked to pictures.
The map and reference list can be downloaded in both PDF or Word format for printing on a single A4 page
(colour is recommended but mono laser is still quite readable).

River Agivey & Wee Agivey Map:

River Agivey & Wee Agivey Map
Named Roads:
R1 Station Road
R2 Ballyagan Road
R3 Brone Road
R4 Moneycarrie Road
R5 Killykergan Road
R6 Ballygawley Road
R7 Mullaghinch Road
R8 Cullyramer Road
R9 Clagan Road
R10 Cullycapple Road
R11 Agivey Road
R12 Glasgort Road
R13 Bann Road
R14 Curragh Road
R15 Glenkeen Road
R16 Moneybrannon Road
R17 Ardreagh Road
R18 Ballydevitt Road
R19 Lisnamuch Road
R20 Greenhill Road
R21 Craigmore Road
R22 Gorran Road
R23 Ballynacally Road
R24 Mayboy Road
R25 Churchtown Road
R26 Temple Road
R27 Brocagh Road
R28 Glen Road
R29 Glebe Road

Named Bridges:
B1 Glasgort Bridge
B2 Brickhill Bridge
B3 Cullycapple Bridge
B4 Bovagh Bridge
B5 Brone Bridge
B6 Killeyvalley Bridge
B7 Ballynameen Bridge
B8 Green Bridge
B9 Glebe Forde Bridge
B10 Errigal Bridge
B11 Lower Brocagh Bridge
B12 Agivey Bridge
B13 Keely Bridge
B14 Ballydevitt Bridge
B15 Ballybritain Bridge
B16 The Two Bridges
B17 Gorran Bridge
B18 Maboy Bridge

Named Pools:
1. Barley Pool
2. O'Haras
3. Hegartys Pool
4. Clay Hole
5. Barclay's Weir
6. Hunter's Pool
7. Bett's Pool
8. The Rock Hole
9. The Doctors Weir
10. Broan Weir
11. The Swirl Pool
12. Lynn's Plum
13. The Old Carry
14. Lagoniel Weir
15. The Alps
16. Garvagh Weir
17. The Green Weir
18. White's Weir
19. Kelly's Hole
20. O'Kane's Pool