The rules on the Agivey are few and straightforward, but this a few that are strictly enforced.


Shrimping, prawning & fishing with maggots are banned.
(Possession of shrimps or prawns on the river is an offence.)


There are no beats on the river. The angler may choose to fish anywhere.


Permitted Types Of Fishing

Spinning for salmon with double and single barbless hooks only, treble hooks are prohibited.

Worming for trout only all season, salmon worming NOT allowed between season opening and June 30th. No worm fishing at all in Oct.

Fly fishing for salmon with double and single barbless hooks only, treble hooks are prohibited.

All Salmon, Grilse and Sea Trout must be returned to the water, regardless of condition.


Please practice good fishing etiquette by allowing fly fishing and spinning anglers to fish through the pool.


If other anglers are behind you please fish the pool at a reasonable pace.


Please take all your litter home with you, particularly used nylon.


Please close all gates behind you. There is little need to open gates as the river is well stiled throughout.


Please take care while fly fishing as farm animals can be close to you on most areas of the river.
Do Not Bring Dogs With You When You Fish.


Please park so as not to cause an obstruction to local farmers and riparian owners.


When you receive your Game Licence please read it carefully.
The rules and bag limits are changing each year so please check with your licence issuer for the latest rules.


The Association encourages catch and release for All fish however catch and release of salmon is mandatory.


Play your fish as hard as possible this will leave fish stronger for release.

Use a net, ensure mesh is knotless.

Do not remove the fish from water, when worm fishing cut your line as close to the fish as possible.

Unhook the fish in the net, and ensure your hands are wet.

To photograph, lift the fish out of net with wet hands, hold by wrist of the tail and support the under belly, keep the fish close to water.

To release hold as before, never lift a fish by the tail alone, this can damage spine and internal organs.

Hold and support the fish upright in water facing upstream until it is strong enough to swim off.